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UK Representative Office Opened to Mark a Major Breakthrough of CCDC Internationalization Strategy

Approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), the UK Representative Office, jointly established by the China Banking Association and CCDC, officially opened in London on June 17, 2019. CCDC sent representatives to attend the opening ceremony and appointed staff to participate in the construction of the representative office. On June 19, Wang Zhaoxing, Vice Chairman of CBIRC visited the representative office and had a discussion with the British financial regulators, representatives of local financial institutions and staff of Representative Office. Mr. Wang Zhaoxing acknowledged the preparatory work for the Representative Office and gave instructions for the further work.

The opening of the UK Representative Office has marked a major breakthrough of CCDC’s international endeavor. By establishing the representative office, CCDC will fully leverage the advantages of London's international financial center. Based on its financial market infrastructure mandates, the company will provide more convenient services for global investors, enhance the traction of China's capital market, and bridge between the Chinese and British capital markets.

In recent years, as an important gateway for China's financial opening up, CCDC faithfully fulfills its mandates of national core financial infrastructure. By actively conducting overseas outreach, cross-border cooperation and technical support, CCDC has been pushing forward its international development strategy, optimizing service capabilities, and building a comprehensive and multi-dimensional international service system. By setting up the representative office, CCDC will further expand the service radius, improve service quality, provide safe, convenient, high-quality and efficient services to global investors, and play an active role in promoting the opening up of China's financial market and RMB internationalization.

    Publish on :06/26/2019 15:06
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