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The First Green Bond Enhanced Index ETF Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange

On February 27th, the “Shin Kong China 10-Year Treasury Bond and Policy Financial Bond Green-bond-enhanced ETF, with the ChinaBond index as the underlying tracking index, was officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

The underlying index, “ChinaBond 10-Year Treasury Bond and Policy Bank Bond Green-bond-enhanced Index”, is mainly composed of interest-rate bonds that are publicly issued and listed in the mainland, supplemented by climate-related green bonds. Among them, interest rate bonds mainly include book-entry treasury bonds and policy bank bonds; green bonds include green financial bonds, green policy bank bonds, green corporate bonds and MTN issued on the mainland bond market in line with the CBI bond classification.

The index was compiled by ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd. The company released its first green bond index in the mainland in 2016 and subsequently compiled and issued the ChinaBond Green Bond Index Series, including “ChinaBond China Green Bond Index”, “ChinaBond China Green Bond Select Index”, “ChinaBond China Climate-related Bond Index” and “ChinaBond CIB Green Bond Index”.


    Publish on :03/01/2019 15:47
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