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Gathering College Resources of Shanghai to Create an Open and Specialized Think Tank CCDC Held Signing and Unveiling Ceremony of the SHUFE-CCDC International Institute

On November 22, 2018, CCDC Shanghai Headquarters and Shanghai Institute of International Finance and Economics (SIIFE) of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) held a signing and unveiling ceremony of the SHUFE-CCDC International Institute (hereinafter referred to as "International Institute"). As a new platform for strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises, International Institute will bring together the professional expertise of CCDC as a national core financial infrastructure and the academic advantage of SIIFE backed by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and will serve as an open, professional and specialized think tank. 

In his speech, SHUFE President Jiang Chuanhai spoke highly of the role of the CCDC as a core national financial infrastructure, and briefed about the vision of SHUFE in building a world-class specialized university and the developments of its discipline system. He noted that the SIIFE is a high-level research body and think tank jointly established by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The applied economics of the three universities has been the key discipline supported by Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project. He said that as an open platform, the Institute will further gather the resource of universities in Shanghai in the future and jointly promote the discipline construction of applied economics. Jiang introduced the first batch of study projects of the institute, and shared his suggestions on Institute’s cooperative activity, high-end research consultation and construction of diversified functional platform.

CCDC Supervisor Bai Weiqun made a speech on the development of the Chinese bond market and the evolution of functions of CCDC as a key national financial infrastructure. Under the leadership and guidance of the competent authorities, starting from a paperless custodian of treasury bonds and policy bank financial bonds, CCDC has evolved into a centralized and unified registration and depository platform, heralding the paperless era of the Chinese bond market. By introducing remote tendering issuance and the bond life cycle service system, the company has been a pioneer in modernizing national bond market. The introduction of China's first DVP settlement mechanism was an important milestone of China's financial infrastructure achieving the international standard. In 2017, the company responded to the call of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to build a Shanghai Headquarters, which provides five core functions to fully support the construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center and the opening-up of the national financial market. Bai expressed his expectations to the institute in carrying out high-quality research projects and gathering resources of universities in Shanghai.

At the signing and unveiling ceremony, Liu Fan, Vice-president of CCDC, on behalf of the Shanghai Headquarters and Professor Liu Liya, the Dean of SIIFE, signed the cooperation agreement. Bai Weiqun and Jiang Chuanhai jointly unveiled the plate.

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