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A Glimpse of CCDC at SIBOS: Playing the Role of Infrastructure Platform and Sharing the New Opportunities in an Open China Bond Market

Recently, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) attended the SIBOS Conference in Sydney, Australia organized by SWIFT. As the only Chinese financial infrastructure establishing exhibitions in the conference, CCDC actively publicized the China bond market and successfully held a series of events relating to the opening of the China bond market.

SIBOS is an annual global financial forum hosted by SWIFT. It is one of the world's largest financial conferences, hosted in Asia, Europe and America in turn. It attracts nearly 10,000 global visitors from financial institutions, market infrastructure, multinational companies and technology companies, where participants discuss the frontier topics in the financial sector. This year's SIBOS conference was held in Sydney from October 22nd to 25th with nearly 200 institutions setting up booths and more than 100 organizations holding special sessions and lectures on the venue.

Following its SIBOS debut in Toronto last year, CCDC joined this year’s SIBOS exhibition in Sydney. Its booth area is 96 square meters, twice the size of last year. It is the only financial market infrastructure institution among the nine Chinese exhibitors this year.

The booth consists of a reception and exhibition area, a negotiation area and a conference room, with our most skilled personnel receiving visitors. The English promo video playing on booth exterior attracted many visiting delegates.

During the exhibition, our booth received visitors from hundreds of overseas institutions including financial infrastructures, stock exchanges, custodian banks, international industry organizations, financial technology companies and consultancy services companies, and our representatives conducted in-depth exchange with some of the visitors.

In the conference, CCDC and Bank of China co-hosted an outreach activity on the theme of “Sharing New Opportunities in an Open China Bond Market” to share the latest developments of the China bond market with overseas institutions. Chen Gangming, the president of CCDC, delivered a keynote speech. Nearly 100 industry experts from various institutions around the world participated in the event. This is the largest and most influential China bond market outreach held by CCDC in Australia so far, and it is of great significance for overseas institutions including especially Australian peers to understand the China bond market.

Mr. Chen Gangming addressed the meeting by introducing the developments of the China bond market as well as the basic functions of CCDC as the national core infrastructure and its comprehensive services supporting the opening of China bond market. As of the end of September 2018, CCDC has served 732 overseas institutions, with the balance of bonds held by overseas institutions under CCDC custody reaching 209.02 billion USD, accounting for 85% of the total amount of bonds held by overseas institutions in China. The balance of collateral deposited in the company was nearly 2 trillion USD, ranking first in the world. In addition, CCDC’s experts also explained to audience the market access channels, international customer service, and CCDC’s ChinaBond Pricing Products. The audience expressed strong interest in the services provided by CCDC, and many of them had some following-up exchanges with CCDC’s representatives.

The BOC Investment Banking Asset Management Department informed the latest developments in the Panda bond market and explained to investors the relevant procedures for the overseas institutions to issue Panda bonds. BOC staff analyzed the new investment opportunities brought by the opening up of China bond market and shared proposals for overseas issuers and investors to leverage the access of the China bond market.

SIBOS provides an important international forum for financial institutions to enhance communications. CCDC took this opportunity to conduct in-depth and fruitful exchanges with some key institutions including overseas peers, overseas investors, technical service providers and international financial industry associations.

During the exhibition, the company representatives also actively participated in many sessions of various important themes, covering financial infrastructure, securities, payment system, financial technology and financial standards, etc. They drew from the overseas experience, shared Chinese practices, and conducted extensive exchanges. CCDC was also invited to the Panel Discussion of Asia-Pacific Securities Market Infrastructures and the Fourth Meeting of the CSD Operational Group (COG).

    Publish on :10/23/2018 08:51
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