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Innovation, Service and Endeavour: CCDC Held the Establishment Ceremony of ChinaBond Fintech Information Technology Co., Ltd.

On December 29, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCDC") held the establishment ceremony of ChinaBond Fintech Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing. Representatives from all departments of CCDC headquarters, Shanghai headquarters, China Banking Wealth Management Registration & Depository Co., Ltd., ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd., and CCDC Goldstone Asset Management Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony. Shui Ruqing, secretary of CPC Committee and chairman of CCDC unveiled the plaque. Chen Gangming, deputy secretary of Party Committee and president of CCDC, and Zhou Zili, vice president of CCDC and chairman of ChinaBond Fintech Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinke Company") addressed the ceremony. The ceremony was moderated by Chen Xiaohui, supervisor of Jinke Company.

In his speech, Chen Gangming pointed out that in recent years, CCDC actively promoted the corporation strategy of "Diversification, Conglomeration and Internationalization" and the group structure has begun to taken shape. The establishment of Jinke Company is one of the steps of implementation of the "CCDC Strategic Planning" and "CCDC Group Management Guidelines", and a major deployment to implement the decision of CPC Committee of CCDC Group and to promote coordinated development of the Group. CCDC Group has been sticking to the mandates of "Providing Safe, Efficient and Professional Fundamental Services for China’s Financial Markets". Under this guidance, Jinke Company has been supporting the group with integrated, safe and efficient IT services, leveraging the development of IT industry in favor of the Group's strategic planning, and promoting the coherence of IT strategy and business strategy and consistency of framework planning and implementation. Jinke will continue to foster innovations and contribute to the CCDC’s historic cause of "building a safe and efficient, open and transparent infrastructure service organization for major international financial markets".

Zhou Zili underscored that Jinke is an important part of the conglomeration strategy and one of the achievements in pushing forward the comprehensive IT management in recent years. Through the corporatization, Jinke will further enhance its IT service capabilities and self-delivery capabilities, and build a professional IT team. The development of modern financial enterprises requires both the IT self-delivery capability and the ability to provide flexible and efficient technical supports by making full use of modern science and technology. These requirements are where Jinke should stand for.

    Publish on :01/02/2018 09:12
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