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CCDC Successfully Held a Series of Events during Sibos Conference

In October 2017, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCDC) attended Sibos Conference organized by SWIFT in Toronto, Canada, and successfully held a series of activities around the topic of opening up of China bond market.

A special session

CCDC Hosted a special session titled "Reaching China Bond Market, Sharing Emerging Win-Win Opportunity." Guests from Clearstream, TMX Group, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China shared their thoughts on the topic. ZONG Jun, chief business officer of CCDC, delivered a keynote speech, while nearly 100 experts from organizations around the world enjoyed an extensive discussion in this session.

In his speech titled "Financial Infrastructure Supports the Opening up of the Bond Market", Zong Jun introduced the development of opening up of China's bond market and CCDC’s efforts therein, as well as CCDC's full life-cycle bond services, collateral management business, and Chinabond Pricing products, which aroused great interests among the meeting participants. After the session, a number of institutions further communicated with CCDC representatives at the venue and CCDC booth.

The other four guests shared their views and strategies on the opening up of China's bond market from different aspects and at different layers. BOC Hong Kong economist analyzed current situation and prospect of China economy from a macro perspective and answered some of the concerns of overseas investors. ICBC expert in the financial markets talked about the emerging opportunities brought by the opening up of China's bond market from the perspective of correspondent banking. The expert from Canadian financial infrastructure body TMX shared the experience of TMX in supporting the cross-border docking of capital markets between the United States and Canada, and expressed their willingness to actively join the Chinese markets. From the perspective of ICSD, the executive in charge of bank products from Clearstrem described the strategy of Clearstream’s docking to Chinese market as well as the prospect of cooperation in promoting Sino-foreign financial infrastructure cooperation and in supporting cross-border market docking.

An exhibition

This year, for the first time, CCDC set up its booth at Sibos, making it one of the first Chinese financial infrastructure facilities setting up exhibitions in Sibos. The booth was of simple style but with rich Chinese characteristics, where CCDC staff members received visiting representatives and held on-site business talks. Hanging-wall TV set broadcast English promotion videos in a loop, and in the reception area the materials and souvenirs were free for collection.

During the four-day conference, representatives from more than 100 foreign financial infrastructure agencies, multinational banks, overseas investors, financial technology and consultancy service companies, research institutes and other institutions visited CCDC booth and exchanged views with our staff.

The in-depth engagement

The representatives of CCDC actively participated the other important sessions of Sibos on topics such as securities, technology innovations, etc., which provided a good window for the understanding of industrial trends and international experiences. Zong Jun also attended a special session titled "Opening up and Future Opportunities of China's Capital Market" hosted by ICBC and gave a speech on the issue.

Sibos is an important platform to enhance communications among financial institutions around the world. Before the event, CCDC received visit requests from a large number of foreign institutions. During Sibos Conference our representative conducted one-on-one interviews with overseas counterparties, investors, technical service providers and relevant agencies, which has achieved a good engagement result.

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