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CCDC and CCB Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On September 19, 2017, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. ("CCDC") and China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. ("CCB") held a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Beijing. Chairman Shui Ruqing, President Chen Gangming, Chief Supervisor Bai Weiqun and Vice President Liu Fan of CCDC, and President Wang Zuji and Vice President Zhang Gengsheng of CCB attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Chairman Shui Ruqing gave a brief introduction to the development of CCDC and its service with China Construction Bank. He noted that CCDC has been continuously improving its services in the primary market and the secondary market as well as its policy support, and has always actively supported the business development of China Construction Bank in the financial market. The two sides have jointly piloted some important business innovations, launched various domestic and foreign outreach promotions, and strived to facilitate the healthy development of China bond market. Chairman Shui Ruqing pointed out that the agreement signed by the two sides has both strategic objectives and specific projects on agenda, covering the full spectrum and marking a new stage of two sides’ cooperation. He hoped that the two sides continued to detail the "comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement" to deepen the cooperation, consolidate the close ties, and bear more fruits from cooperation.

CCB President Wang Zuji noted that CCDC as one of the core FMI components has played a fundamental role in securing the financial stability and promoting economic development. This agreement, as Mr. Wang said, would further benefit the growth of both sides and make a due contribution to the financial risk containment and real economy supporting.

Under the agreement, based on "good faith, equality and mutual benefit, long-term cooperation and common development" principle, the two parties shall make full use of their respective expertise to support the other party’s business innovation and strategic development. The in-depth cooperation between the two parties, both as the core parts of financial infrastructure and important participants in the market, will help promote the smooth development of the bond market and promote the innovation of the market. In the future, the two sides will continue to push their cooperation to the higher level and wider areas, so as to achieve mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

    Publish on :09/21/2017 09:15
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