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CCDC will Hold Six Experts’ Talks on Current China Bond Market Investment (2017Q4)

Dear membership:

CCDC has successfully held quarterly series activities of “Six Experts’ Talks on Current China Bond Market Investment” (债市研判六人谈) for nine consecutive years. The Talks, as a brand activity of ChinaBond magazine of CCDC, will first offer attendance invitations to our VIP subscribers.

In order to facilitate the communications among the membership and to search for bond market opportunities, ChinaBond magazine will hold Six Experts’ Talks on Current China Bond Market Investment (2017Q4) on October 12 in Beijing. This session will gather some of the top experts from regulatory bodies, banks, securities companies, funds and rating agencies to carry out in-depth discussions on macro-economic situation, monetary policies and liquidity dynamics, and bond market investment opportunities and strategies.

 Time: 2:00-4:30 p.m., October 12, 2017

Venue: CCDC R&D Center, Tongtai Tower, No.33 Jinrongdajie, Xicheng, Beijing

This is a close-door meeting of around 40 attendants. The participation application is only limited to heads of bond business of our market members or their top officials, no more than 2 attendants from each member. The applications of our VIP subscribers to ChinaBond will be prioritized. Once all the seats are reserved, no new applications will be processed. Please send the below receipt to forum@chinabond.com.cn, and you will get a confirmation email once your seat are reserved.

Contact: Ms Sun, 010-88170117, sunhl@chinabond.com.cn

    Publish on :09/14/2017 11:11
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