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CCDC Shenzhen Center Supported the First Issuance of Toll Road Special Bonds

On August 10, Guangdong Province government issued, within the envelope approved by State Council, the first local government toll road special bonds by tender through MOF Government Bonds Issuance System in CCDC Shenzhen Center. The 7-year special bonds amounted to 6.3 billion RMB, with the interest rate of 3.99%. Deputy-director Xiao Hongmei of Guangdong Province Department of Finance instructed and witnessed the issuance.

The Guangdong province government toll road special bonds are rated AAA. The raised funds will be used in construction of Dongshan-Chaozhou Guxiang Highway and other 13 government owned toll roads, and debt servicing funds are from the toll income of these projects. During the tender, CCDC Shenzhen Center provided on-site issuance service support. The Guangdong Provincial Government Audit Office sent observers to carry out on-site supervision to ensure that the tender was conducted in an equal, fair and orderly manner.

Prior to this issuance, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport jointly issued a notice on July 12, allowing issuing local government toll road special bonds from 2017. The proceeds, expenditure, redemption and interest payments shall be covered in the governmental fund budget, with a high degree of debt protection and transparency of the use of funds.


    Publish on :08/15/2017 16:16
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