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2017 ChinaBond Annual Conference Opened in Shanghai: Focusing on the Modernization of the Bond Market

On July 20, the 2017 ChinaBond Annual Conference, themed “Hold the Bottom Line and Strive for Innovation” was held by CCDC in Shanghai, with the purpose of focusing on the modernization of the bond market in the context of prevention and control of financial risks. CCDC Supervisor Bai Weiqun presided over the event, with nearly 40 leading experts gathering by the Huangpu River, who delivered in-depth discussions on macroeconomic and bond market hot topics and suggested on the future construction of bond market.

The year 2017, as noted by Chen Gangming, President of CCDC, was the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China's inter-bank bond market. At this important time node, it is important to innovate the institutional mechanism of the bond market, consolidate the market base of system stability, make good use of risk control tools, and prevent and resolve the market risk. In addition, it is also critical to continue to promote the opening and upgrading of the bond market while keeping risks under control. Chen Gangming said that the annual meeting coincided with some milestones of CCDC’s actively promoting the construction of Shanghai Headquarters, which will further enrich and contribute to the Shanghai International Financial Center construction, especially in the field of function clustering and building of bond market professions.

Li Jun, deputy director of Shanghai Financial Service Office, pointed out in his speech that the bond market is an important part of the construction of Shanghai IFC. In this process, Shanghai City will try the best to create a good financial environment facilitating and safeguarding the risk control mechanism and steady growth of the bond market. The "Belt & Road” initiatives, China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone construction, science and technology innovation center construction and other national strategies provide abundance of opportunities for the bond market innovation and development. The concentration of market participants in the City will further amplify the effect of collaborative innovation.

The agenda of the two-day meeting included more than ten important keynote speeches, round-table discussions and thematic speeches. Former Vice President of China Development Bank Gao Jian, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of BRIC New Development Bank Leslie Maasdorp, Director of Financial Institute of People's Bank of China Sun Guofeng, Deputy Inspector of Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs of NDRC Tian Yuan, Chief Economic Manager of Economic Forecast Department of SIC Zhu Baoliang, Chief Economist of Bank of Communications Lian Ping, Global Chief Economist of Everbright Securities Peng Wensheng Shared their visions about the macroeconomic and financial developments, analyzed the trend of monetary policy, and explored the opportunities and challenges of the development of the bond market.

In the round-table discussion on the topic of opening of the bond market and the construction of the Shanghai international financial center, Deputy Director of Financial Market Department of PBC Shanghai HQ Rong Yihua, Director of Financial Market Service Department of Shanghai Financial Service Office Yan Yunhua, General Manager of Shanghai Exchange of BOC Gong Yimin, Vice President of HSBC Bank (China) Song Yuesheng, Managing Director of CITIC Securities Zou Jeguang, together with other experts from the regulatory bodies and market agencies, explored the opening path options of the bond market, the major incoming challenges and the related risk prevention mechanism, and the impact of opening of the bond market on the construction of Shanghai international financial center.

Bond Market Talks, the brand activity of "ChinaBond" magazine which has been in the agenda for eight consecutive years, gathered six bond market research experts. Vice President of Tianfeng Securities Zhai Chenxi, General Manager of ICBC Capital Operations Center Ma Dajun, Macro and Fixed Income Analyst with Guoxin Securities Dong Dezhi, Vice President of Peng Hua Fund Han Yaqing, Director of Macro and Strategy Management with Dunhe Capital Management, Xu Xiaoqing, Deputy General Manager of ChinaBond Securities Pricing Center Niu Yurui discussed macroeconomic developments, monetary policy and liquidity conditions as well as bond market investment strategies for 2017Q3.

The conference also elaborated extensively surrounding three major topics including bond market risk management, debt financing innovation and asset securitization innovation. Dozens of experts from banks, securities, fund managers, rating agencies, legal and academic institutions analyzed bond market innovations, product innovations and risk prevention in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner.

CCDC as the core FMI of the bond market attaches great importance to the market deepening and platform building. The year 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the inter-bank bond market, and also marks the five-year anniversary of the inception of "ChinaBond" magazine. Following the China Bond Market Investment Strategy Forum and the No. 10 Financial Street Forum, the CCDC successfully conducted the 2017 ChinaBond Annual Conference, in view of further contributing to the development of the bond market.

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