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CCDC Released “CCDC Collateral Management White Paper 2016”

 “CCDC Collateral Management White Paper 2016” (Hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") was recently officially released by CCDC Collateral Management Service Center. Based on the statistic data of the collateral service business, the White Paper, which is the first industry report released by the Center since its inception, fully reviews the whole picture of the CCDC collateral management business in 2016 in an objective, accurate and scientific manner, serving as an important information source for the relevant studies in the market.

The White Paper consists of 11 parts, including Preface, Message from Chairman, A Letter to All Market Participants, Business Developments in 2016, Collateral Business Overview, Characteristics of Collateral Business, Participant Institutions of Collateral Business, Core Factors of Collateral Business, Macro-policy Application of Collateral Business, Innovation and breakthrough of collateral business, Technical Improvement of Collateral Business. As is pointed out in the White Paper, the total balance of collateral under management of CCDC has increased from 9.23 billion yuan in 2011 to 12,195.536 billion yuan by the end of 2016, or expanded by 1322 times. The sustained and rapid growth of the balance of collateral reflects a growing dependence of the market institutions on the collateral, whether it is to meet the regulatory requirements, or for the performance of agreements. The use of collateral has become a ubiquitous practice in China's financial market.

The White Paper analyzes and compares the business characteristics of various types of collateral, in particular their application during the implementations of macroeconomic policies. It also highlights some of the innovation and breakthroughs made by CCDC in 2016, providing reference samples to market members interested in collateral business and authoritative information for the correct understanding of collateral business in financial markets.

The release of the White Paper marks a much desired improvement in the information transparency of collateral management in China's financial markets, which helps accelerate the deepening of the collateral market, prompt more financial institutions to participate in collateral management, and further contain market risks. CCDC Collateral Management Service Center will further strengthen its role as a financial market liquidity and risk management pivot, assuming the mandates of safeguarding the development of financial market.

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