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2017 Chinabond Annual Conference is Now Open for Registry

CCDC will hold the 2017 Chinabond Annual Conference at Shanghai Kempinski Hotel on July 20-21. This annual meeting, with the theme “Hold the Bottom Line and Strive for Innovation”, will gather leading economists from regulatory authorities, academy and financial institutions as well as experts in the field of bond market research and practice, who will deliver keynote speeches on China's macroeconomic outlook, monetary policy developments, deleverage and regulatory tightening, and carry out panel discussion on a series of topics including the opening up of the bond market, the bond market investment strategy, the bond market risk management, and debt financing innovations. The conference expects to be joined by 300 audience.

The conference is open for attendance registry to the regulators, the directors of fixed-income assets business from banks, securities, insurance companies, funds and AMCs, the directors of relevant business from rating agencies, law firms, advisory and think tanks, as well as leaders from other related institutions in the bond market.

Registry fee:

6800 yuan / person, covering conference admission, welcoming cocktail party, buffet lunch and conference materials. The accommodation and transportation costs will be not be covered. Please click the "我要报名I want to register" link and submit the information as required. CCDC staff will contact you by email to confirm your seat and VAT invoicing information in three working days.


Account for Meeting Registry Payment:

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Shanghai, Huayuanlu Sub-branch

Bank Account Name: 上海居欣会务服务有限公司

Bank Account: 03001814086


Ms. Hu

Tel: +86(21)61490328

Email: forum@chinabond.com.cn

Attachment: Agenda of the Conference (Chinese)

List of Attachments


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